Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Happy Birthday Johann Sebastian Bach!

March 21st was the birthday of Johann Sebastian Bach. Born March 21 1685, he died July 28, 1750. His occupation was Organist but he left the world with some of my favorite classical music. Bach once said:
"I was obliged to work hard. Whoever is equally industrious will succeed just as well."
Aspiring musicians can take that as good advice from a man who certainly did succeed in his music.

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Saturday, March 8, 2008

SPRING IS COMING Sale At Milestones Music

Spring Is Coming! Easter is in March this year and soon it will be spring. To celebrate, we are offering all our popular Jr. Jersey t-shirts at $22.99, $4.00 off our regular price of $26.99. Designs from flute to viola, soprano to piano teacher and much more. Soft and light for those warmer spring days ahead. Jr. jersey tees are nice for school or work and our colorful music designs are too.
Personal note - my daughter has six of the Jr. Jersey music t-shirts from Milestones Music and loves them all. They have washed well and brought her many compliments at symphony rehearsals and school band festivals.
Here is a preview of some of our music designs on the Jr. Jersey tees: