Monday, April 25, 2011

Broadway Spectacles

The much anticipated Broadwayshow "Spiderman The Musical" is supposed to premiere this summer. Much of the publicity surrounding this such has been on its extravagance as well as the injuries involved with the stunts performed. Broadway shows and musicals in general have to find ways to compete and draw viewers to see them. In my opinion ,not matter how amazing the spectacle musicals are driven by the story they tell and music which helps tell that story.
Looking at recent successes like "Wicked" or even classics like "The Phantom of the Opera" they both have tremendous scores and compelling stories and characters. True there are breath-taking and memorable scenes performed on stage an (like seeing the Wicked Witch "defy gravity")which add to the splendor of the event. However Broadway musicals which become "classics" generally have solid characters and sweeping and memorable lyrics and scores.
Now don't get me wrong, the creative and ingenious minds which have continually recreated and pushed the bounds of what can be done on stage should be encouraged and applauded. I love to see the creativity involved in sets, lighting, special effects as well as the other technical aspects which help shows come alive.
However strong shows also help support local theater companies and high school music programs. These less technically dependent musicals can be performed on a local level and enjoyed by both amateurs and professionals.

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