Friday, April 15, 2011

Metropolitan Opera Live Broadcasts

Over the last year the New York Metropolitan Opera has been showing live HD broadcasts of their opera productions in various movie theaters around the country. Their recent production of Rossini's Le Comte Ory was seen on April 9, 2011 in theaters around the US. This year they have slated several more live broadcasts of their productions. This new venue should be applauded by opera fans and music lovers as it makes Live Opera performances available to people who might not be able to attend the opera in person. There are few opera companies around the country and most are centered in large metropolitan areas. However there are many opera fans all over the country. These type of productions allow many smaller locations to see opera live. This could be seen as a great gift idea for music teachers around the country who are now able to take their students to see opera live as opposed to being limited by resources. True there probably is no substitute for the beauty and majesty of being at the Met. to see these performances; however this is one way for us to experience such tremendous talent and productions in our own communities. So check out the rest of the 2011 schedule and find a theater near you who is streaming these live performances. Could we start to see other venues such as Broadway or Music Festivals use this model to reach a wider audience?

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