Friday, April 8, 2011

Music and Technology

My son serves in the US Army and is part of the US Army bands. He performs on a constant basis for military ceremonies or concerts for the public and community. There is a continual struggle to make sure they have all the right music for the right ceremony or performance. Instead of carrying around fat and cluttered binders and music tote bags filled with music, many musicians are taking a digital approach to organize their music and schedule for the performances. There are plenty of options for hand held displays. You could look at the IPAD or MusicPad pro as potential devices to use. There are also companies which offer electronic stands which display digital sheet music though a little expensive. It is fairly easy to scan sheet music into a digital format and plenty of websites are now offering sheet music in a PDF or other digital format. You can organize your music all in one place and have access to other music in case there is a need for a longer performance. So look at these items as a potential musical gifts for your musicians family members or friends.

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