Thursday, May 2, 2013

School Is Winding Down

Every year in May, school music concerts are ramping up ans the school year is winding down.  I can remember having a packed calendar of orchestra, choir, band and youth symphony concerts all at different schools or locales.  Sometimes my husband and I would have to split forces just to cover all the bases.  At the time it seemed overly busy and while I enjoyed the concerts, I was always relieved when May was finally over. 
But now that our years of student musicians are behind us, I really miss those concerts.  Even the off-tune instruments, the occasional oops, we'd better start that piece over occurrences, all have a fond place in my heart.
So here's to school musicians, and especially to their orchestra conductors, band directors, choir teachers and accompanists.  Enjoy your May concerts and best wishes for continued success with your musical endeavors!

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